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Patient Information

Appointments are usually made by phone  and you will be asked to email, fax, send or deliver your letter from the referring general practitioner or medical specialist before your appointment . Registration forms are posted to new patients and are to be returned by email, fax, post or delivered prior to the initial appointment.


If the referral suggests that it is most efficient to schedule an investigation in hospital and meet you then, this will be offered to you.


Ringing the practice just before appointments is advised as the nature of surgical practice often leads to unavoidable delays.



A current referral is necessary to claim maximum rebate for consultations from Medicare and general practitioners will not provide back-dated referrals.


Private hospital

Calvary North Adelaide Hospital


Public hospitals

Royal Adelaide Hospital & Angaston Hospital


Anaesthetic group

Our anaesthetists work from Wakefield Anaesthetic Group& Pulse Anaesthetics



Please remember to bring all current and relevant old radiology films to your appointments and take relevant old radiology films to future radiological investigations for comparison.


Second opinions

If you are seeking a second opinion regarding a diagnosed problem, results of all investigations need to be provided beforehand for proper consideration. You of course are quite welcome to seek another opinion after being seen here and results of investigations performed will be provided on request to another doctor.